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About the CityU Scholarly Repository

The CityU Scholarly Repository indexes, archives, preserves and disseminates the research output of the City University of Hong Kong. It is also the institutional repository for our researchers to fulfill funders’ open access requirements [e.g. the open access requirement from the Research Grants Council (RGC) in Hong Kong].

Developed with DSpace, contents in the Repository are discoverable by search engines and indexing tools such as Google and Google Scholar  to enable open access and wider dissemination. It helps showcase the University's intellectual output and shares with the world the University's fruits of research and scholarship to facilitate knowledge transfer and global scholarly communication.

Open Access Requirement from RGC - Open Access to RGC Funded Research Publications

To encourage open access to publications resulting from its funded research, the Research Grants Council (RGC) in Hong Kong requests Principal Investigators (PIs) to take note of the following RGC policy (as stated in the RGC's project grant documents and forms*). The policy applies to RGC projects funded in 2013/14 and thereafter as a condition of the grant:

(The below policy applies only to journal and conference publications)

a) Upon acceptance of a paper for publication, the researcher should check whether the publisher already allows (i) full open access to the publisher’s version, or (ii) the author’s depositing a copy of the paper (either the publisher’s version or the final accepted manuscript after peer-review) in the institutional repository for open access;
b) If both (a) (i) and (ii) are not allowed, the researcher should request the publisher to allow him/her to place either version in his/her institutional repository for restricted access immediately upon publication or after an embargo period of up to twelve months if required by the publisher; and
c) Subject to the publisher’s agreement on (a) or (b), the researcher should deposit a copy of the publication in his/her institutional repository as early as possible.

[* Information taken from the RGC’s project grant documents and forms available at RGC’s website at]

The CityU Scholarly Repository is the institutional repository for fulfilling the RGC's open access requirement. Please see also how you can contribute your work to the Repository and the flow chart illustration below tells how the Library can help.


Contributing to the CityU Scholarly Repository

1. Materials to be Collected

The CityU Scholarly Repository welcomes all types of research output (including all RGC research output categories). Faculty can choose to register only the bibliographic information of your works in the Repository or to deposit the full text as well (if copyright allows). For published materials, however, we accept published versions and post-prints (the final accepted manuscript after peer-review) only, but not pre-prints.  

2. How to Submit Your Work

  • Complete the Submission Request Form or email your citation directly to the subject librarian of your department.
  • Upon receipt of your request form or citation, we will check the following:
  • You will be informed of the result. Please provide us with the permitted version of your work if the publisher allows.
  • If copyright policy of the publisher is not clear, you may need to approach the publisher directly. Please consider using the Library’s Request for Permission Templates.

3. Flow Chart Illustration - Open Access Requirement from RGC and How the Library Can Help


Useful forms and templates

  • Submission Request Form
    Use this form to send your submission request and the citation of your work to your subject librarian. You can also choose to email the information to your subject librarian directly.

  • Request for Permission Template (For voluntary deposit)
    This is the template you can use to seek permission from the publisher for depositing an electronic copy of your work in the CityU Scholarly Repository.

  • Request for Permission Template_RCG (For fulfilling RGC’s OA requirement)
  • This is the template you can use specifically for the purpose of letting the publisher know that, in order to fulfill RGC’s OA requirement, you will need its permission for depositing an electronic copy of your work in the CityU Scholarly Repository.




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